My Story

THEY ARE SO CUTE!!! Those were my words the first time I saw a Scentsy product--and mind you, I was looking at it online. A friend was offering a Scentsy warmer as a prize on her blog.  I entered, but did not win. I did go to the website and look at the stock and even searched for consultants in my area. Enter Stacy Mayo, Scentsy Director. Stacy sent me a plug-in warmer and 3 blocks of scents to review for my blog. Not only did I think the plug-in was adorable, but the smell was so fragrant! Now I was hooked! Warmers. Plug-ins. Lights.  I love the way I can enhance the smells in my home without lighting a candle. I love the quality of the materials, the scents and the wax...and I thnk you will too. Safe. Convenient. Practical.  Please browse our product line, including many holiday warmers and scents, a total Body Care line and much more. If you are interested in hosting a party, let me know. I can work around your schedule. If you already own Scentsy product, but would love more, why not host a BASKET PARTY? I can send you what you need to showcase Scentsy products to your friends and family. If you just need a few things, feel free to order here on my site.  Contact me for to find out about my specials for the month! I look forward to working with you!<!--endbody-->